Hair oil to realize “naturally beautiful hair”.
Apricot Oil contains 3 kinds of pure power.

1.Power of Beautiful Hair

By protecting the hair with Apricot Oil to the hair tip,
various damages to the hair can be reduced.
It repairs stiff hair and hair
which went through repeated perm
and coloring, leading to moist yet smooth, shiny and healthy hair.

Heat Protection

Protects the hair from the
heat of hair dryer and hair iron.

Cuticle Coating

Prevents damages of the
hair tip for shiny hair.

Blocking Static Electricity

Prevents static electricity for smooth hair which will allow your fingers to glide through.

Reduces Stress from Friction

Protects the hair from the friction of everyday brushing.

2.Power of Plants

Apricot Oil is entirely made from natural ingredients.
Having plant oil extracted from apricot seeds as main ingredient,
it uses naturally-derived vitamin as
supporting ingredient to prevent oxidation of oil.
It achieves both quality and safety preventing
the oily smell after continuous usage.

Main ingredient

Apricot kernel oil


Supporting ingredients

Naturally-derived vitamin, “Tocopherol”
Natural fragrance

The quality of oil is carefully selected.

Among many kinds of plant oil, Apricot Oil blends in especially well to the hair.
A small amount of the oil realizes moist and smooth hair without stickiness.

Comparison of viscosity

*Researched by Yanagiya Honten Laboratory

Camellia oil


Apricot kernel oil


3.Power of fragrance

The sweet fragrance of apricot that rises up when the oil is applicated on the hair is always “subtle”. The “strength of fragrance” is carefully controlled so that it can also be used by those who are sensitive to smell. It modestly fills the time of hair care without affecting the scent of your favorite shampoo or perfume.
(The fragrance is also naturally-derived)

From the developer of Apricot Oil

The development of the hair oil was motivated by our wish to “make a product which is good for the hair with natural ingredients”. To develop a product that matches all hair types, we searched for an ingredient that blends in well to the hair and has a light feeling, thus we found oil of apricot. We would be very glad if our Apricot Oil filled with wish and attention makes the hair care time of people around the world a little richer and happier♪

How to use

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