Yanagiya Honten and Plant Ingredients

It has been 4 centuries since our company was established in Nihonbashi, Edo.
We have produced many products related to beauty.
Here is some of our products.

Edo Period(1603-1868)

Rouges, face powders, fragrance oils

Rouges, face powders, fragrance oils
We have sold various cosmetics with excellent formula including rouges made of safflower and they were loved by ladies from the inner palace of the Edo castle and the imperial court in Kyoto.

"Ryuseikou" Hair Oil

Made from an original recipe by soaking in fragrant wood and musk, it gained great popularity due to the lovely scent.

Meiji Period(1868-1912)

"Keishikou" Japanese Hair Oil

By using camellia oil as the raw material, in addition to its lovely fragrance, it was well received due to its effects that help with hair growth and unruly hair.

Taisho Period(1912-1926)

“Yanagiya Pomade”

A pure vegetarian pomade made of castor oil. It is currently still being sold as a staple in men's cosmetics.

Showa Period(1926-1989)

"Yanagiya Hair Tonic"

It is formulated with herbal medicine such as Swertia Japonica and Isodonis Herba. It has a lot of persistent fans due to its refreshing feel.

Heisei Period(1989-2019)

"Yanagiya Apricot Oil"

It is formulated with apricot seed oil and natural fragrance and highly popular among young women due to its light texture.

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